Unit 5 Music Public Fundraiser Calendar

Pubic Unit 5 Music Fundraising Calendar (Public Link): https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=6bn1rrrcjoic198djsf1mduhr8%40group.calendar.google.com&ctz=America%2FChicago

This idea was well received and has begun being used. A embedded calendar is also on the U5MP website: https://unit5musicparents.wordpress.com/unit-5-music-public-fundraisers/ This is designed to help all departments “see” the bigger picture of what is going on with public fundraising for the other departments so we on’t have an overlap with days or locations.

We agreed that the position of the U5MP Secretary will manage and organize this in conjunction with the creation of Facebook Events and Website posts. It is suggested that Holly Johnson (current U5MP Secretary) at HollyJohnson2357@Gmail.com be included in the final communications about any upcoming fundraising events so it can be added to the PUBLIC calendar, a FB event can be created and also added to the U5MP website with links to any flyers needed or required. If any person or department ALSO wants to continue using their own department calendar for any PUBLIC fundraising opportunities, please continue to do so and just let Holly know.  The other calendars can be duplicated to the PUBLIC one and only a small fraction will be witness to duplicates, and that way the SAME information will continued to be offered.

Other fundraiser information that is not a public events such as band cheesecake orders or fruit orders are not needed for this calendar. This is for what we advertise to the public with FB Events and other external marketing. Please continue any internal marketing as is with the fundraisers that are student driven.

Please take a moment and subscribe to this Google Calendar. OR please visit this calendar before scheduling any PUBLIC fundraising events such as Dine to Donates.