Association ByLaws


ARTICLE I:     Name of Organization

Section 1– The name of this organization shall be the “McLean County Unit District #5 Music Parents Association”

ARTICLE II:   Purpose of Organization

Section 1– The purposes of the association are:

  • Cooperating with the McLean Country Unit District #5 band, orchestra, and choir directors and in providing support and encouragement for the students involved in the Music Program of McLean County Unit District #5;
  • Furthering the arts in the Unit by encouraging participation in the Music program and development of students’ artistic skills, parental involvement, and financial support;
  • Raising supplemental funds solely for the benefit of the music students of McLean County Unit District #5.
  • Informing all Unit 5 Music Parent Association members and other interested parties of the activities of the Unit 5 Music Program.

ARTICLE III:  Association Membership

Section 1– This association shall consist of parents or guardians of students involved in music organizations within Mclean County Unit District #5, directors of the music program, and other persons who request Membership-At-Large, such as: music student alumni and/or their parents.

Section 2– The persons described in Section 1 are eligible for membership without fee.

ARTICLE IV:  Dues, Fees, and assessments

Section 1– There shall be no permanent dues or fees as a requisite for membership.

ARTICLE V:   List and duties of officers

Section 1– The position of each office may consist of one or more individuals acting as co-officers, each person having one vote.

Section 2– The officers of the association shall be President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and Secretary.

Section 3– The President(s) shall preside at all meetings of the association, appoint all committee chairpersons, and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.

Section 4- The Vice-President(s) shall assume all duties of the President in case of absence.  The Vice-President(s) shall be responsible for Unit 5 Music Parents fund-raising activities.

Section 5– The Treasurer(s) shall receive all receipts, make all disbursements, make all deposits, and keep an accurate record of each financial activity and the total funds of the association.  The Treasurer shall also report the financial status as each meeting and make available a written copy upon request.

Section 6-The Assistant Treasurer(s) shall work under the direction of the Treasurer(s).  Primary duties are to assist in the receipt and deposit of funds and to assist in the financial record keeping of the association.

Section 7– The Secretary(s) shall keep the records and minutes of all meetings and report same at subsequent meetings as well as attending to all correspondence regarding activities of this association.

ARTICLE VI:  The Executive Board

Section 1– The officers of this association shall constitute the Executive Board which can meet prior to regular meetings.

Section 2– The Executive Board shall have general supervision of all business affairs of this association.

Section 3– The Executive Board shall establish the annual budget for presentation.

ARTICLE VII: The General Board

Section 1– The General Board will consist of the Executive Board, Unit 5 Music Parent Representatives of each band, chorus and orchestra program, and all directors of Unit 5 music programs.

Section 2– The Unit 5 Music Parent Representative(s) of each band, chorus and orchestra program shall be appointed by the director of each music program.

Section 3– The Unit 5 Music Parent Representative(s) and the director may establish an organization within their specific music program that is appropriate to their needs. (i.e. Marching Band Parents, NCHS Choir Parents)

Section 4– The Unit 5 Music Parent Representative(s) are expected to attend regularly scheduled meetings and report Unit 5 Music Parent Association business to their specific music program organization and director. Attendance is defined as 75% of the scheduled meetings for the year.  Representation is defined as assigned parent, the director, or a substitute sent in place of absence.

ARTICLE VIII: Committees

Section 1– The Budget Committee shall be chaired by the current Assistant Treasurer, and consist of the current Vice-President and the McLean County Unit District #5 Music Building Chairpersons.  The Budget Committee is responsible for assembling a budget with input from all the directors of the music programs.

Section 2– The Editorial Committee shall consist of the current President(s), Secretary and any member(s) of the McLean County District Unit 5 Music Parents Association.  The Editorial Committee is responsible for creating and updating Association website and/or social media platforms and any special communication sent to Association members.

Section 3– The Nominating Committee shall consist of the current Vice-President(s), the Assitant Treasurer, and three other members of the General Board—one each representing choir, band and orchestra.  The Vice- President(s) will chair the committee.  The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to nominate officers for the following fiscal year.

ARTICLE IX:  Selection of Officers

Section 1– Officers for the following year shall be nominated by the Nominating Committee and approved by majority vote of the membership voting at the Annual Meeting in May.  In order to be nominated for an office, a person must have participated in or actively supported at least one of the McLean County District Unit #5 Music programs.  The goal is to have an Executive Board that provides active leadership in the furtherance of all music programs within the unit.

Section 2– All terms shall be for a period of one year except Vice-President and Assistant Treasurer, who will ascend to President and Treasurer (respectively) when the current President and Treasurer have completed their terms.  An officer may serve more than one term if nominated by the Nominating Committee.  It is suggested and preferred that the Vice-President and President be from separate schools and that the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer be from separate schools.

Section 3– If for any reason, any officer cannot fulfill the entire term, the Nominating Committee shall appoint a new officer(s) for the unexpired portion of that term to be approved by the Executive Board.

ARTICLE X:   Meetings

Section 1– Regular meetings shall be held on a monthly basis (at least).  Special meetings may be called by the President(s) as needed.

Section 2– Times and locations of meetings will be designated by the President.

Section 3– Attendance at regular meetings and assisting in the activities sponsored by the McLean County Unit District #5 Music Parents Association is expected for the General Board.  Other association members are encouraged to attend regular meetings and assist in Association sponsored events.

Section 4– Approval of the prior meeting minutes and Treasurer’s report will be covered at each meeting.  Any new business, including changes to the budget, will be discussed and voted upon by all association members who are present at the meeting.  A written status report by each Unit 5 Music Parents Representative should be emailed to the Secretary prior to the regular meeting to be included in the minutes, but not necessarily read at each meeting.

Section 5– The first meeting of the fiscal year shall be held in August and the last meeting shall be held in May of the following year.

Section 6- The Annual Meeting will be held in May of each year.  The budget for the following year will be voted upon at the Annual Meeting.

Section 7– Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern all meetings.


Section 1– A simple majority of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum for Executive Board meetings.

Section 2– A simple majority of the General Board shall constitute a quorum for regular meetings.


Section 1– All income and disbursements of the music programs shall flow into and out of its proper account within the McLean county Unit District #5 Music Parents Association Bank Account.  This includes fundraisers for a specific school’s music program.

Section 2– The directors or other designated person(s) of each specific school’s music programs and Treasurer are responsible for the record-keeping of individual accounts within their music program.  This includes identifying a student’s account for a trip.

Section 3- All requests for disbursements of designated band, chorus, or orchestra funds, must come from McLean County Unit District #5 Directors.  Requests must have appropriate documentation to be paid and the disbursement must be in accordance to Article II Section 1 of the by-laws.  The Treasurer of McLean County Unit District #5 Music Parents Association will make the disbursement upon receipt of documentation.

Section 4– The McLean County Unit District #5 Music Parents Association Bank Account will be audited annually if gross contributions exceeded the minimum threshold established by the State of Illinois for not for profit organizations ($300,000 as of February, 2021). The audit, if required, should occur as soon as possible after the Annual Meeting in May.

Section 5– The following Executive Board officers will have authority to sign disbursements: President(s), Vice-President(s), Treasurer(s), and Assistant Treasurer(s).

Section 6- In no case should a student be given direct cash or gift certificates as an incentive or award for fundraising activities.

Section 7– The fiscal year of McLean County Unit District #5 Music Parents Association will be defined as June 1 to May 31st.

ARTICLE XIII:           Amendments

Section 1– These By-laws may be amended by a two-thirds plurality vote of the members voting at a regular meeting providing the amendment(s) has been duly presented to the membership at least fourteen days prior.

ARTICLE XIV:           Termination of Association

Section 1– All properties and funds of this association shall become the property of McLean County Unit District #5 under the direct control and authority of the McLean County Unit District #5 Directors for each specific school and program.  Any remaining general funds shall be equally distributed to each jr high and high school band, choir and orchestra program.

Revised 5-22-90

Revised 5-26-92

Revised 11-18-96

Revised 2-15-99

Revised 5-23-05

Revised 5-18-15

Revised 5-2-18

Revised 3-2-2021

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