Unit 5 Music Websites

You can learn more about each of the directors here: Meet Your Unit 5 Music Directors

Junior High

Director School Website
Tricia Ogden CJHS Band
Julia Beer CJHS Choir  
Liz Fontana CJHS Orchestra
Krista Beddigs
Julia Beer EJHS Choir
Liz Fontana EJHS Orchestra
Rebecca Meadows KJHS Band https://sites.google.com/site/kingsleybands/
Katie Bruton KJHS Choir  
KJHS Orchestra
Jennifer Bolton PJHS Band http://www.parksidebands.com
Katie Bruton PJHS Choir
Angela Staler PJHS Orchestra

High School

Director School Website
Normal Marching Band https://www.normalmb.org/
Paul Carter NCHS Band http://www.ironmenbands.org
Ben Luginbuhl NCHS Choir http://www.nchschoirs.org
Melissa Liebenthal NCHS Orchestra
Lisa Preston NCWHS Band http://www.nwbands.org
Sara Williams NCWHS Choir
Ryan Budzinski NCWHS Orchestra http://www.nworchestras.org/
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