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Unit 5 Music Parents Email:

For communications regarding the Unit 5 Music Parents’ website and Facebook page, contact Holly Johnson:

Unit 5 Music Parents Board Members

Name Position Email Address
Karen Fryer President
Jessica Bliss Vice President
Amy Randazzo
Mary Robinson
Asst. Treasurer
Holly Johnson Secretary


Unit 5 Music Parents School Representatives

Visit this link for a description of the responsibilities of an Unit 5 Music Parent School Representative.

Name School Email Address
Open Position CJHS Band
Julia Beer CJHS Choir
Open Position CJHS Orchestra
Jessica Bliss EJHS Band
Open Position EJHS Choir
Open Position EJHS Orchestra
Open Position KJHS Band
Open Position KJHS Choir (7th/8th)
Open Position KJHS Orchestra
Open Position PJHS Band
Open Position PJHS Choir  
Open Position PJHS Orchestra  
Holly Johnson NCHS Band
Jill Enchelmayer NCHS Choir
Open Position NCHS Orchestra
Kelli Halsey NCWHS Band
Cheri Lynn Oakley
Open Position NCWHS Orchestra
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