Spaghetti Supper Co-Voided Fundraiser

How to Donate– To designate your donation directly to a specific music program, click the Donate button, then Select a Team (i.e. music program). If you want to donate to the general fund, to support Unit  5  Music Parents  (U5MP) operations or have your donation split among all of the Unit 5 music programs, select the General Donations team.

November 9 – 25, 2020

Our Story – In a time when we have cancelled so many student activities, our goal is to say YES to music. This year may not look like any other year, but the need to support creativity and the arts has never been greater. Our teachers are working day and night to make sure that music continues for our children. Meeting our fundraising goals will alleviate some of the financial burden and stress the programs face and allow the teachers to focus on the most important part of their jobs – the students!

The Annual Spaghetti Supper is a Unit 5 Music Department fundraiser, sponsored by the McLean County Unit 5 Music Parents Association. This is an annual event that allows for families to financially support the music programs by purchasing tickets for a spaghetti meal and enjoy the talents of their children in a musical performance.  Even though Covid-19 has eliminated our ability to hold the annual Spaghetti Supper in person, due to current pandemic restrictions, it cannot stop our love for music and desire to financially support the music programs.

Instead of selling a product or asking for volunteers, U5MP is simply asking for your generous financial donation for these important programs. Many programs have large financial short-falls due to cancelled fundraising events because of the pandemic. The best part of this year’s fundraiser is that 100% of your donation  will go directly to support the Unit 5 music programs and Unit 5 Music Parents Association this year!

Our programs desperately need your financial support, like no other recent year. Every donation helps! Perhaps you could donate enough to cover a piece of music ($150). Maybe you could cover the cost of a singer’s mask ($25). You might consider donating what you would have spent at the spaghetti supper; approximately $10 per dinner ticket. All donations made to U5MP are deductible charitable donations and you will receive a receipt for your donation.

Want to double your donation and help our programs even more through a Matching Gift Program?! Many employers match donations to charitable organizations, on gifts of $25 or more.   Please consider submitting a matching gift donation to McLean County Unit Dist 5 Music Parents Association if you work for an employer who matches donations to charitable organizations.  

Directors count on this fundraiser to help fund their programs.  Your donations are used for: 

   ·  Music purchases (one piece costs up to $150)

   ·  New instruments and repairs

   · Singers’ masks to ensure safety in the classroom ($20-$30 each)

   · Music stand and other equipment purchases and repairs  

   · Concerts and Accompanists  

   · Extra supplies, such as reeds, valve oils, and sticks, for students in need 

   · New uniforms and uniform cleaning  

Please share this page through social media, email, and text to help us spread the word and raise much needed funds for these programs. This is a great opportunity for family, friends, neighbors, and alumni to support our program. 

Thank you for your donation and continued support.

McLean County Unit Dist 5 Music Parents Association